Millennials are Embracing Unique Ways for Their Wedding Rituals

It is all about new ways and innovative ideas that millennials are choosing for their wedding.

They are coming up with a variety of concepts for their nuptial ceremony instead of blindly following the age old norms.

Simon Sperl aged 28 and Maria Steinhagen aged 30, are planning to get married in this October at Voyageur Environmental Centre located in Mound.
According to Steinhagen, it is their utmost wish to make the wedding ceremony a huge get together of their friends. While they will be taking oaths, their guests will encircle and surround them. Sperl believes that this will signify that the support of their loved ones they need in their life.

There will also be some personal touches like the invitations from Sperls mother, Anne Moriarty who happens to be an artist and a cello duet performance composed by Sperl.

Steinhagen states clearly that both of them do not want their friends to feel any pressure as it is very expensive to attend any wedding nowadays. The bridal party will have the liberty to dress according to their own will instead of following the traditional norm. As far as the groom is concerned, he has bought the suit that he can re-use anytime and also bought a pair of shoes at very low price from e-bay.

Another unique way is that the couple is playing the role of the bartenders at their friends upcoming wedding so that in return their friends play the cello at their wedding which will save a lot of bucks.